"Effortless stability for even the heaviest telephoto lenses. Capture smooth, gimbal-like movements and track any action with precision"

Our History

From stabilens to stedilens

Established in 2016 as stabiLens.

StabiLens was a handmade cottage industry product. The production was labour-intensive and very time-consuming. To streamline the design and process we invested in injection moulding in Dec 2019. Finally, in the last week of July 2020 the whole act came together. A first order, 100 window units to Canon. What a joy and relief.

And this is only the beginning.

  • Michael Tucker

    "These products make wildlife photography with long lenses easy and comfortable by providing great extra support."

  • Peter

    "This is the perfect product for wildlife photography. It provides great stability for my telephoto lens and still allows me to track the movement of animals in the process."

  • Elize

    "I just bought my Stedilens/window. Never using anything else for my camera again! Love it."